This program is designed by professionals trainers and athlete and it is only available for advance and elite level kumite athletes who want to train daily has a addition of their regular training or for those without access to a dojo or a sensei.

We know that a lot of athletes have a hard time finding a place to train, and sometimes went you find one it can be hard to make it work with your schedule, or they don't  provided enough classes for you to train more than once a week. Even our academy we still can not provide 3 to 4 clases of kumite a week. This is why we decided to provide a program for our athletes and other athletes who need to train more than one a week. In this program we will  provide athletes conditioning and nutrition assistance.

This is a remote program that will give you a plan to follow  to help you accomplish your next challenge. This program will give you 3 to 6 days of training in the technical, physical and nutritional aspect of your training. 

This program will be available soon!

For more information please contact us