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This program is designed by professionals trainers and athletes and it is only available for athletes who are 5th Kyu and above. In order to enroll in this program, the athlete must be at least 15years old. This program is for those who want to train specific techniques while improving their body composition, speed, strengthagility, and coordination that will be directly transfer to kata or kumite.

We know that a lot of athletes have a hard time finding a place to train, and sometimes it can be hard to make it work with your schedule. Most academies can not provide 3 to 4 classes of kumite/kata a week. This is the reason why we have decided to create a program for our athletes and other athletes who need to train more than once or twice a week in order to improve certain areas of their katas or kumite. We are happy to also guide and assist athletes with nutrition and healthy habits.

This is a remote program that will give you a plan to follow  to help you accomplish your next challenge. This program will give you 3 days of training in the technical and physical aspect of your training. 

program will be available soon!

For more information please contact us 

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