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We are an Elite Karate Academy owned and operate by professional athletes, still training and competing. We specialize in Shotokan Karate, Sport Karate, Fitness, and more.

Our mission is to help you reach your goals through the benefits of Karate and fitness, providing you with the best Karate Program in the triangle area.

We have more than 15 years of coaching and more than 25 years experience in Karate.


We will make sure to give you the necessary training and information in order for  you to have a strong mind  and  a strong body.


Our programs includes:

  • Shotokan Karate-do (Ages 5+ )

  • Sport Karate (Ages 8+)

  • Remote online Elite kumite (coming soon)

  • Game Plan Program Remote (Workouts + Nutritional Assistance + Tracking &accountability)

  • One on One Training.


 We are more that an Academy, we are here to make you better and to help you overcome any obstacle you may encounter.


Start your journey now!

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