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Competition Team



 Our comprehensive Sport Karate program welcomes athletes of all skill levels, from beginners looking to learn the basics to intermediates aiming to enhance their techniques, and advanced practitioners seeking to dominate the competition.

Our experienced instructors tailor the training sessions to meet the unique needs of each group. Beginners will receive a solid foundation in fundamental karate techniques, intermediate athletes will focus on refining their skills and strategies, while advanced practitioners will receive specialized coaching to excel in high-level competitions.

Competition team participants are required to be registered for our specialized Competition Karate classes and adhere to the prescribed minimum weekly class attendance and program.


The objective behind the competition schedule and prerequisites is to guarantee the utmost excellence in preparation and coaching for karate competitions, while also instilling a strong sense of dedication in each student within the program.

Join us on this exciting journey towards excellence in sport karate. Whether you're just starting or aiming for the top, our program will guide you every step of the way.


The requirements will vary based on your level and competition goals. However, a key prerequisite will be maintaining an active membership with our dojo.

Junior Team

This program is for students who are interested in karate competitions and want to participate in local tournaments . This level is open to all ages and skill levels.


  • 2 days per week training

  • Competition classes/ recommended

  • Must participate in at least one local competition.

  • Read and sign athlete commitment. 

  • BWA Team Jacket &  T-Shirt required  

Junior Travel  Team

Eligibility for the BWA Travel Team requires a minimum of one year's experience on the Junior Competition Team. To join the team, a recommendation from a BWA Head Coach is necessary. This opportunity is available to individuals of all ages and skill levels.


  • 3 days per week training

  • Competition classes/Special trainings required

  • Must participate in local or out of state competitions.

  • Read and sign athlete commitment. 

  • Team Barbelt Jacket & T-Shirt required.

  • BWA "Team Barbelt" exclusive uniform required.

Elite Team

Open for Athletes who are trying to make the USA Junior or Senior National Team Elite. This opportunity is available to 12 years old and up Athletes and 2 Kyu skill level required. 


  • 4+ days per week training

  • Competition/Special training classes required

  • EBA Athletics Sport performance training program required

  • Must participate in NKF Nationals.

  • Must participate in at least two local competitions.

  • Participate in "Open" competitions  (recommended)

  • Read and sign athlete commitment. 

  • BWA "Team Barbelt" exclusive uniform required.


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