High intensity interval training combat (HIIT) is a program for those that are looking to work on their fitness level, endurance and also to add fighting techniques.

This program is structured to work on the techniques first and then proceed to add them to the interval training. It will be a mix of body weight exercises and combat techniques. We will make sure we stretch first, go over the techniques, then start our intense training and finish with a nice stretch to avoid any injuries. 

This program will push you to go hard for some seconds followed by a recovery period. It is a great way to burn some of that stubborn fat since your heart rate will go up and then down for a couple of rounds. 



o   Burn Fat.

o   Build Endurance.

o   Improve Cardio.

o   Learn Fighting Skills.

o   Boost Mental Health.


Duration: 60 Min.




Mondays and Wednesdays 6:00pm


What to bring?

o  Water.

o  Small towel.

o  Sport Shoes.

o  Boxing Gloves.

o  Jump Rope

o  Vest. (optional)

o  Hand Wraps. (optional)