Barbelt Warriors Academy  Karate Do- is focused on athletes’ development with different levels: beginners, intermediate, advance and elite through the discipline of Karate Shotokan. Barbelt Warriors Academy will be focused in the athlete’s attitude, discipline, respect, self-esteem and many other values that karate provides.


Our mission is to train our athletes and prepare them physically and mentally through sport and traditional Shotokan Karate.


Our athletes will train under competitive and traditional rules from two organizations that are recognized worldwide: The World Shotokan Karate do Federation (WSKF) –Traditional, and USA National Karate Federation (UNKF) – Sport.


Each the athlete (+8 years old) will be certified and recognized internationally by the World Shotokan Karate do Federation that has it’s headquarter in Tokyo, Japan.


If competition is something that you are not interested in, we also encourage our athletes to still train hard to accomplish and earn their next belt and awards!

Program available for kids, teens and adults.





This is our introductory karate program, we will work on some skills such as: focus, teamwork, control, respect, and fitness as well as some very fundamental karate techniques.These skills will be learned by doing some fun and specific games, drills and activities to motivate and encourage their development. Mostly we will focus on improve their coordination and discipline to get them ready for our next LEVEL.

Little Warriors (Ages 5-7):

2 class per week.

Beginners (Ages 8-14):

4 class per week. (waiting list available, please contact us).


Class Duration: 60min 





This is our standard program designed by Japan headquarter  made for athletes from 8 to 14 years old. Athletes in this program are expected to show respect, discipline and commitment.

We will be supporting their education and values learned at home. As a team we will not forming only good athletes but also good citizens. Our most important goal is to create teamwork and a family enviroment that will motivate and support each others.​

Athletes in this program will test for light blue belt where he/she will officially enroll W.S.K.F. Here the athlete will be recognized internationally (WSKF membership must be paid separately).


Besides our standard karate curriculum, we will include some topics and seminars about the importance of nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Intermediate (Ages 8-14):

4 classes per week.

Class Duration: 60 min 




TEENS - is our tailored program made by Japan headquarter designed for athletes older than 15 years old. It is a faster program where the belt system becomes shorter avoiding the stripes.

Athletes in this program are expected to show respect, discipline, effort and commitment.

Our white belt is designed to let you try our program. Six months later the athlete will test for light blue belt where he/she will officially enroll W.S.K.F where the athlete will be recognized internationally.

Warriors Karate Academy focuses on helping our teen athlete's develop necessary skills to succeed in life and also to engage in healthy habits. We encourage healthy lifestyles and behavior that will make the athlete be more prepared and stand out from other athlete from another sport. 

ADULTS - This program will also follow the WSKF requirements and program, in a very similar way like the teen programs. However, sometimes our adults could have a different goal and reason why enrolling in this discipline.

Our team will be happy to assist you with selecting a program that will best fit your needs. If karate is something that you are looking for to do, we will listen to your goals in this program and help you achieve what you want. 

Warriors Karate Academy will support and encourage you to achieve your goal!



Sport Kumite

This program is designed by professionals trainers and athlete and it is only available for advance and elite level kumite athletes who want to train daily inside and/or outside their dojo.