We are two best friends that grew up together as sister in a beautiful country called Venezuela. For many reasons like insecurity, food, medicines and lack of resources we had to immigrate to the US looking for a better future for our athlete and personal career. It has been a difficult journey to immigrate to another country after we had built our lives in Venezuela and being in the Venezuelan Karate National Team. But not everything in life is easy and we had to step outside our comfort zone to reach our goals. 


We took the initiative to open our own business, with the idea to fundraise money to afford our athletic journey since we couldn’t have the support of our country and we have no resources to afford our trainings, competitions, nutrition, gear and everything that an Elite athlete needs.

 After a few months after Barbelt was founded, we decided not to only help ourselves, but we wanted to find a way to help others and a way to say thank you to those people that contribute to this journey in different ways. Now, we use our knowledge and trainings that we have had in the past and still have to accomplish this idea. Our goal is to inspire and help people to stay mentally and physically healthy. Our team is ready to build a community that want to stronger than yesterday.

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