Karate Athletes

This program is for those athletes that want to improve certain techniques or simply just have a private lesson with his/her Sensei. 

One-on-one is very beneficial for kids that don't have too much time to practice on their own and want to get better with a specific technique. It also helps Sensei to get to know the athlete a little better. Therefore giving your instructor a better idea to program your personal session based on the kids' current techniques, level, fitness and spirit. 

Need an extra help with your next belt test or tournament? make sure you schedule your session with time in advance! 


1 Session.          30min      $30


1 Session           60min     $60

4 Sessions         60min     $55

8 Sessions         60min     $50

12+ Sessions     60min     $45

**Requirement for private instruction:


- If student is under 18, an adult guardian must be present for the entire lesson.