This program is designed for women that want to learn the principles of self defense and awareness. Our goal is to give you the tools necessary for you to know how to deal with some issues that women could experience.

It is the best way to ensure your personal safety and fitness.

Also, this program will include fitness components that will help you to be faster, stronger and self-motivated.

No previous martial arts experience is required; this program is open to all women (+18)



o  Situational Awareness.

o  Personal safety.

o  Self Defense.

o  Confidence.

o  Fighting Skills.

o  Self discipline.

o  Fitness


Duration: 60 Min.



HIIT Combat

- Mondays 6pm

- Wednesdays 6pm

Women's Krav Maga

-Thursdays 5pm

-Saturdays 10:00am


What to bring?

o  Water.

o  Small towel.

o  Sport Shoes.

o  Hand Wraps. (optional)

o  Boxing Gloves (optional)

o  MMA Gloves (optional)