WSKF (World Shotokan Karate-do Federation) is comprised of individuals from all age groups, genders and backgrounds who enjoy the discipline and sport of Karate. Our clubs feature training by award-winning National and International coaches and access to world-class karate seminars and competitions. We represent WSKF in North Carolina; worldwide we have more than 800,000 members register in our organization. 


We also have WSKF in more than 100 countries, such as: Venezuela, Ireland, Panama, Japan, Switzerland, Iran, Colombia, Canada, and many more.


Our headquarters is located in Japan under the instruction of Sensei Hitoshi Kasuya Chief instructor of WSKF.




We hold credentials with the World Shotokan Karate Federation, that is recognized worldwide. Currently, we hold and in charge of WSKF North Carolina. 


Each of our athlete will be certified and recognized internationally by the WSKF (once they earn their membership - after 6 months of training. This organization currently has more that 100 schools worldwide, and also has its own USA TEAM (which athletes can be part of).


Also, athletes enrolled in this academy will have the chance on register in the UNKF USA, allowing them to compete inside the country and with great opportunity to be part of the National USA Team with the federation.